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LOTUS Signature Facial

60M / $80 30M/$60

Based on an analysis of your skin’s unique needs and your skin care goals, we will create a completely customized facial treatment.

LOTUS Signature Facial Deluxe

90M / $110

The perfect combination of our 60 minute Lotus Signature Facial with a 25 minute Back Massage.

Intensive Facial

75M / $105

An intensive facial treatment that includes a specialized mask to treat your problem areas more aggressively.

Thermal Effect Facial

75M / $105

The intense heat of this ultra hydrating facial treatment will help to drain any excess fluids from your face and leave your skin refreshed and renewed.

Acne Facial

35M / $65 Package of 5 $295

An excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types, this treatment helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation leaving the skin purified and clear.

Back Facial

30M / $50 50M / $75

Excellent for treating breakouts, dry skin or to smooth the skin for special occasions.
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What kind of facial do I need?

If you are scheduling your first facial with me, I always recommend starting with the Lotus Signature Facial 60 minutes. This allows time for a full facial with extractions and a mask. If you are interested in doing a more advanced treatment or peel treatment we can discuss it at that time and come up with a plan to achieve you skin care goals in the future.

How often should I get a facial?

Every 4 weeks we have all new skin so that is the ideal. I know that doesn’t work for everyone so for general skin care I recommend getting a facial minimally every 4-12 weeks. This keeps your skin exfoliated and clear of impurities. Using good skin care at home can also make a big difference is the frequency of your need for professional facial treatments. Of course if you have a skin care issue that you would like to address you may need to have more frequent treatments until we get those issues under control.

What are the benefits of regular treatments?

The skin renewal process takes on average about 4 weeks so regular facial treatments treat this new skin and keep it exfoliated, clear and fresh. Regular treatments keep your skin clear of impurities, encourage good circulation and lymphatic flow, boost hydration, and provide your skin with the nutrients that it needs to be healthy and combat aging.

Add Ons

Dec peel

Foot treatment

Paraffin wax

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Yin and Yang

60M / $90

30 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with a 30 minute Lotus Signature Facial

Shiva Shakti

60M / $90

30 minute Back Facial with a 30 minute Lotus Signature Facial

Zen Mind, Zen Body

90M / $140

30 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, 30 minute Lotus Signature Facial & a 30 minute Back Facial


60M / $110

30 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with a 30 minute Mini Intensive Facial

Quan Yin

180M / $250

60 minute Milk and Honey Body Wrap, 60 minute Hot Lava Stone Massage & a 60 minute Lotus Signature Facial

Peace and Harmony

120M / $175

60 minute Lotus Signature Facial, 60 minute Hot Lava Stone Massage & a Paraffin Hand Treatment

Blooming Lotus

75M / $115

60 minute Milk and Honey Body Wrap, 60 minute Hot Lava Stone Massage & a 60 minute Lotus Signature Facial

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Can’t decide which treatment you want? Why not have a little of both/ best of both worlds.

Fusions are not a spa packages, they are shorted versions of your favorites done in the time of a regular treatment.

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Transforming Peel

30M / $60 series of 6 / $320

Add a décolleté peel to any facial treatment / $25

This powerful, corrective treatment achieves a rapid exfoliation targeting issues such as scarring, acne and hyperpigmentation. Your skin will look clearer, younger and smoother.

Body Peel

30M / $60

This treatment is designed for treating rough, dry, sun-damaged or acneic skin on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands or feet.

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What types of skin issues can be improved by peels? Do they really make a difference?Â

Everyone’s skin could use a freshing up from time to time and a peel is a great way to do it. I use 12 different peels for the Transforming Peel Treatments that vary is strengths to address your skin needs and  also to accommodate the amount of peeling you would like for your treatment. We can address such issues as acne, aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dullness, scaring and rocesea.

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Classic Green Peel

60M / $300

Renew your skin with this intense 100% herbal peel offers the solution for a number of skin problems including large pores, impure skin, sun-damage, dullness or poor circulation. The Classic Peel includes 3 full size take home products and a post peel facial five days following your peel procedure.

Energy Green Peel

60M / $150

This treatment gives skin a surge of energy that is immediately noticeable by activating the blood and metabolism resulting in natural skin improvements.

Fresh Up Green Peel

75M / $125

The lightest of the green peels treatments uses an intensive ampoule and specialized rubber mask to vitalize the cells leaving the skin glowing with renewed freshness.
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info on green peels? pictures?


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Eyebrows / $15

Lip / $13

Chin / $10

Full Face / $35

Basic Bikini / $35+

Brazilian Bikini / $50+

Full Leg / $65

Half Leg / $40

Ear Wax / $15

Nose Wax / $10

Neck wax / $15

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What are the benefits of waxing vs shaving or plucking?

Waxing leaves your skin smoother and softer that shaving with no stubbly re-growth. Consistent waxing will cause less hair re-growth over time because every time you wax you weaken the hair root resulting in less hair re-growth over time.

How often do I need to wax?

I recommend waiting 4-8 weeks with no shaving in between.

Will waxing make my hair grow back more or turn it dark?

This is an urban legend, every time you wax hair you weaken the hair root, making it grow back softer and finer every time.

How long do I need to grow my hair for my first waxing?

Hair usual grows in three cycles so the longer that you let it grow the more cycles of hair growth we can wax. That being said, the absolute minimum is 2 weeks, but I recommend 4 weeks of growth to ensure that we wax several cycles of hair growth, which will make your waxing last longer. Your hair should be at least ¼ inch long but if it is longer it will be easier it is to catch with the wax, so please don’t feel the need to trim before hand,. Trimming often makes waxing more difficult for me and more painful for you.

Tips for before waxing?

To make your wax the most comfortable I recommend no caffeine before your treatment, exfoliate the area to be waxed within 24 hours before,  and some recommend advil. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be, so remember to breathe and try to relax!

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Pumpkin Enzyme Body Scrub

45M / $75

This full body enzyme peel takes away dead skin layers leaving your skin incredibly soft and supple. Includes aromatherapy steam treatment.

Aroma Algae Body Wrap

60M / $100

Full body sea salt exfoliation followed by the application of this nourishing and balancing body treatment. Finished with aromatherapy steam treatment.

Milk and Honey Body Wrap

60M / $100

Full body sugar scrub followed byt the application of this luxurious skin softening and calming wrap complete with aromatherpy steam treatment.

Aromatherapy Steam Treatment

30M / $35

Full body aromatherapy steam treatment with your choice of essential oils. Softens skin and boosts immunity!

Zen Feet

30M / $30 alone OR add to any Facial or Massage treatment for $20

Pumpkin enzyme exfoliating treatment followed with a peppermint foot massage, just say om?
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What are benefits of body treatments? Are they just for pampering?

Body treatments are luxurious pampering treatments for the skin of your whole body, like a facial for your whole body. They are also very beneficial in many ways. Seaweed is extremely detoxifying, helping to eliminate toxins in on a cellular level. The salt scrubs exfoliate the skin but also draw out lactic acid and other impurities from cells, reduce inflammation, muscle soreness and boosts immunity. The Aromatheray steam treatment helps relax tissues, increases circulation and immunity. The Milk and Honey Body Treatment gives the skin a intense hydration kick and leave the skin soft and smooth.

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Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

30M / $45Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â 60M / $85


Hot Lava Stone Massage

30M / $55Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â 60M / $100


Massage with Aromatherapy Steam Treatment

60M / $85

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Which massage is right for me?

Swedish massage is a full body relaxation style of massage using long flowing strokes, which is great for stress reduction. Deep tissue is for those who like deeper pressure or have chronic area of tension or pain. Don’t stress about what style of massage to pick, all treatments can be customized to meet your needs at the time of your appointment. Just let me know your concerns when you come in and we can come up with a treatment that will address all of your issues.